About Us

Aveney - About Us

Our Mission
To inspire and empower women with confidence through feminine, beautiful, elegant and pristine quality fashion apparel and accessories at very affordable prices.

Our Philosophy
We believe that the most vital cornerstone foundation for any outfit is confidence.

Whether planning for a cute, classy, or sexy look, when you entrust us and choose Aveney, it is our highest priority that you feel absolutely amazing and empowered to own any style for any occasion with glowing and blossoming confidence.

About Us
We are a growing, expanding and flourishing online fashion and accessories retail brand, sourcing all our premium collections internationally and directly from our carefully selected elite partnering designers, artisans and manufacturers around the world.

We're a team of dedicated, dynamic, compassionate, ambitious, fun-loving, entrepreneurial fashionistas, with vivid backgrounds in everything from fashion modeling, fashion magazines, styling, graphic design, fashion photography, marketing, project management, business administration and more - all tied to the same unifying passion, vision and dream of creating a thriving tribe and place of belonging within a luxury brand that shares and reflects the same core values as those of our customers and us.
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