Aveney Member Rewards

Aveney Points Membership 💎

Psst, - did you know?

Shopping and hanging out with us earns you lucrative Aveney Points.

Spend your Aveney Points on exclusive gifts, presents, discounts and much more.

    How to earn Aveney Points 💎

    • Signup: 80 pts.
    • Share on Twitter: 40 pts.
    • Review a Product: 80 pts.
    • Like on Facebook: 40 pts.
    • Share on Facebook: 40 pts.
    • Celebrate a Birthday: 60 pts.
    • Place an order: 4 pts. per $1 spent.

    How to earn a Referral Bonus 💎

    • Refer a friend and You will receive a 10% Off Discount when your friend makes a purchase.
    • Your friend will receive a 10% Off Discount immediately when you refer them.

     How to spend Aveney Points 💎

    • Spend 200 pts. to Claim a 10% Off Discount
    • Spend 400 pts. to Claim a 20% Off Discount
    • Spend 600 pts. to Claim the Ainsley Charm Bracelet
    • Spend 700 pts. to Claim the Mallory Blossom Belt
    • Spend 800 pts. to Claim the Aubree Silk Slippers
    • Spend 1000 pts. to Claim the Brynlee Handbag Tote

    Aveney Gifts & Rewards 💎

    Ainsley Charm Bracelet Red Thumbnail Mallory Blossom Belt Gold Thumbnail Aubree Silk Slippers Pink Thumbnail Brynlee Handbag Tote

    How to Claim Gifts & Rewards 💎

    • Add the reward to your shopping cart and use the coupon code to make it free.
    • The coupon code will be here in your member's area and in your mail.
    • Example of applying a coupon code:
    • Aveney Claim Reward Example 1
    • Aveney Claim Reward Example 2